Welcome on www.hayfeverradar.eu. This website is all about weatherconditions, hayfever, forecasting, mapmaking and airborn pollen. You can find information about weather, pollencounting, trees, grasses and herbs.


Posts about several aspects of developing forecast models


Counting each type and concentration of airborn pollen is a very important part of forecasting.  Posts about counting pollen.


As weather and climate are complex dynamic systems, the flowering period of allergenic plants  can  vary a lot as well. Calendars are a good way to get some insight in floweringperiods of each species. Here some posts about calendars.

Australian research about socialmedia usage related to hayfever >>



The weather has a major influence on the amount of airborn pollen. But “the weather” is a complex combination of various aspects. Here some posts about these aspects.


Meteograms can be a very interesting interface for explaining pollenlevels, here you can find some examples >>