Hayfeverradar.eu is a website hosted by the editorial team of Pollennieuws.nl and Hooikoortsradar.nl, two dutch hayfeverplatforms. The forecast maps of the Netherlands and Belgium are developed in coöperation with www.buienradar.nl  and Elkerliek Hospital. The focus of this website is strongly on improving pollen prediction models  based on: fieldobservations, pollencountings, live weatherdata and feedback of hayfeverpatiënts. Patiënts, researchers and other people with an interest in this topic are strongly invited to join discussions and share insights. Which hopefully inspires developers and results in better and more accurate prediction models. For more information, ideas or support, please send an email to: info@hooikoortsradar.nl.


This website is mainly build for development and scientific use. Ofcourse with great love and care. To validate algorithms, graphics and maps feedback is very much appreciated. Neither quality nor completeness of the presented information is guaranteed and the data producers do not accept any responsibility for its correctness.