New website pollenscience.eu

The aim of the Pollen Science website is to collect and graphically display the data of different measuring networks and stations for pollen flight in a database. This makes it easy and interactive to determine when and how many pollens of the different species are currently measured in the air or when they have been […]

Pine pollen appears in New Zealand!

A sign spring is arriving … along with allergies In northern NZ in particular one of the classic signs of spring arriving is falling pine pollen – which yesterday on a windy Sunday finally happened. Read full article on www.weatherwatch.co.nz >>.

Pollen Is on the Rise in Detroit!

MUCH OF Detroit is in ruins. The city spreads over 139 square miles, but about 20 square miles of that — an area just under the size of Manhattan — is vacant. Home in 1950 to more than 1.8 million people, today Detroit has less than half that many residents. There are tens of thousands […]


Pan-European initiative to provide pollen forecasts based on near real-time observations

The Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring service (CAMS) recently formed a new partnership with the European Aeroallergen Network (EAN,) and will explore ground breaking technology to deliver automatic pollen observations in near real-time across Europe. Every year during spring and early summer comes a chorus of sneezing, wheezing and sniffling, because this is peak hay fever season […]

Pollenforecast NL

Forecast Pollenconcentration:  very low   low   moderate   high   extreme 5 day forecast  >> Maps developed by hooikoortsradar.nl , buienradar.nl   &  Elkerliek Hospital webapp  concept >>